BUG REPORT: PGP Tray reports that java.dll is missing from the Computer.


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PGP Desktop reports the following an error stating that  "java.dll is missing". Reinstalling Java and/or PGP Desktop does not fix the problem.

"The program can't start because java.dll is missing from your computer.  Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem."


This issue is only caused with an older version of PGP Desktop (10.1.x) and VMware View Agent are both installed and an upgrade is applied.  The problem is that VMware View Agent installs a PKCS#11 driver, "j2pkcs11.dll", which PGP Desktop tries to load, and this driver requires java.


If you are experiencing this issue, one possible workaround is to open PGP Desktop preferences and in the Keys tab, uncheck the "Synchronize keys with tokens and smartcards" checkbox, or set the driver type to sync with to "None" (or to a specific driver if you do need to synchronize with smartcard or token keys).  This may not be possible if your Universal Server Policy Restricts such actions.  If you are unable to open, or view PGP Desktop Preferences, please check with your PGP Administrator for assistance in changing this setting.

This issue is fixed in the following release:

•  Symantec Encryption Desktop 10.3.0 (Formerly PGP Desktop)

This version/Maintenance Pack is available for download via your account on Symantec File Connect.