Unable to Send Unencrypted E-mail - Messages Remain in the Outbox


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Desktop Email Encryption


When attempting to send an clear text email message with Symantec Desktop Email Encryption (previously PGP Desktop Email) enabled. The message remains in the Outbox and fails to be delivered. 





10:14:46 Email Info Processing outgoing message from [email protected] with subject: unencrypted mail

10:14:51 Email Warning MAPI Proxy: Get Encryption Key for email [email protected] failed with error server search failed (-11285)


This may be due to conflict in the PGP Messaging policy. Second messaging service was created with a slightly different name that referred to the same e-mail address. Multiple services for same connection may cause a problem with processing the mail message correctly.




This issue is resolved by deleting one of the PGP Messaging services for the email account.


1. Open Symantec Encryption Desktop (previously PGP Desktop).

2. Click the PGP Messaging Control box. The PGP Messaging accounts are displayed.

3. Delete one of the duplicate accounts for the email account.

4. Review the messaging policies for the account.

Applies To

Windows XP

Windows 7

PGP Desktop 

Symantec Encryption Desktop