Considerations for per-recipient bifurcation via Content Filtering (CF) policies on Symantec Messaging Gateway (SMG)


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A content filtering policy has been created to act on an instance of 1 or more senders in conjunction with one or more recipients and for that message to be held in Spam quarantine in SMG. The message in question is held in Spam Quarantine however the administrator would like all other recipients to receive this message except the recipient stated within the content rule.

PLEASE NOTE: Information provided in this note concerns messages with "Outbound" direction.


It is not possible for the CF rule to act on one recipient as this is a message based rule and not one confined to recipient only.

The rule in question is simply asked to act on the presence of one sender and one recipient for the rule to trigger against the entire message, not the recipient. All recipients within the one message will be affected.

Bifurcation does not occur on this level and will only occur on the delivery level, a step past the filtering level.

Please note: Some bifurcation scenarios might be possible with rules applying to traffic with "Inbound" direction and using Group Policy mechanisms (not through Content Filtering). Please contact Symantec Support if further information is needed.

Applies To

SMG 8.0.3 up to and including SMG 10.x

The following screen shot gives an idea of the rule in question: