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What Needs to be Done When an APPLY of View 14.0 PTF RO95520 Results in IKJ56228I Message of a USS "PATH NOT IN CATALOG"?


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What needs to be done when an APPLY of View 14.0 PTF RO95520 results in a IKJ56228I message of "IKJ56228I PATH /usr/cai/view/webviewer/CA/ NOT IN CATALOG OR CATALOG CAN NOT BE ACCESSED"?


CA View 14.0


There are three options:

 . Find and mount the file system to the "/usr/cai/view/webviewer/" mount point.

 . Do not APPLY any PTFs that update the WebViewer or DRAS FMID.

 . Uninstall WebViewer and/or DRAS


In the first case of this kind, the client performed the first option of creating the missing USS folder "/usr/cai/view/webviewer/CA".