DeployAnywhere does not work with drivers where the files are extracted as IN_, SY_, or EX_?


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After extracting a driver, you see that the driver files don't fully expand.  For example, SYS files are expanded/extracted as SY_, INF files are extracted as IN_, and EXE files are extracted as EX_.  You need to know if DeployAnywhere can work with drivers that extract/expand in this method. 


Some vendors ship drivers that contain driver files with file extensions as .dl_ , .ex_ .sy_. These are archived / backup file and would expand to .EXE or .SY_ to .SYS when the driver is installed per the driver manufacturer’s installation procedure. 

At present, driver manager fails to add these drivers as the driver inf file contain the file reference as <filename>.sys which then tries to find the mentioned file but actual file exist is <filename>.sy_ and so fails in addition of the driver stating failed to find any driver to add. 


DeployAnywhere is currently unable to work with drivers of this type.  Symantec is aware of this situation and is planning to incorporate additional functionality into DeployAnywhere that will allow it to work with drivers of this type.  There is no current ETA on this functionality addition but this KB document will be updated with additional information as soon as it is available.  Please subscribe to this article to be notified of any updates.