Security Information Manager Global Intelligence Network (GIN) license has expired


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Security Information Manager


The licensing for GIN has expired.  How do I resolve the issue?

 One is experiencing either of the two messages within the Content License Status pane within the WebGUI:

"The Global Intelligence Network content license has expired."


Within the Console under "Analyst Watch" tab, one may experience the following highlighted error in yellow:

"The Installed Global Intelligence Network license was rejected by the Global Intelligence Network service"


 The GIN license has expired


In order to correct the issue, one will need to call into Symantec Customer Support and request the Licensing Department.  State that the "Symantec Information Manager Global Intelligence Network" license has expired.
Once the updated license has been acquired, follow the instructions on the supplied knowledge base article below to apply it:
(How to apply a Global Intelligence Network license (GIN))