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CA Identity Portal Deployment Xpress is not deploying Two Step Approval by Manager and Contractor Administrator correctly


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CA Identity Manager CA Identity Governance CA Identity Portal


When deploying the use case, "Two Step Approval by Manager and Contractor Administrator" the deployment will fail with a NullpointerException. How is this resolved so the deployment can be resolved successfully?


Component: SIGMA


Make sure the deployed file is put to /opt/CA/IdentityPortal/dxrepo for vApp platforms and for nonvApp platforms make sure the file is put at this example path: C:\CA\IdentityPortal\dxrepo which should be accessible from the CA Identity Portal Server.

In the, a change needs to be made in TwoStepApprovalManagerandContractorAdministrator.xml. The word "and" needs to be a capital "A". The file is located in /opt/CA/IdentityPortal/dxrepo/TwoStepApprovalManagerAndContractorAdministrator. Once the change is made you can successfully use this template.

Sample Linux code for temporary fix is:

"mv TwoStepApprovalManagerandContractorAdministrator.xml TwoStepApprovalManagerAndContractorAdministrator.xml"