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LDP2104E Add unknown error for(eTTSSRefresh), value(N) when creating new ID's through CA Identity Manager


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When creating new CA Top Secret ACID's through CA Identity Manager, the following CA LDAP error results: 


CA Top Secret Acid 'xxxxxxx' creation failed: TSS Dispatcher Add failed: LDP2104E Add unknown error for(eTTSSRefresh), value(N)


In the CA LDAP STDERR log, the following is seen:


have field(eTTSSRefresh), value(N)                          

converted rc(-4), field/value(NAME('name') )


Component: GEN


A rc of -4 means that you are trying to modify a read only field.

The refresh attribute does not correlate to a field on a CA Top Secret ACID, so there is nothing to modify. 

The Refresh option, when set to Y, will issue a REFRESH command for a modify operation.

Trying to set Refresh to N, will cause the error being seen here.

When issuing an LDAP Add of a new Acid, do not send refresh = n.