When using CA File Master Plus option 3.13(Loadinfo utility) to edit JCL cause JCL build problem message. How can I correct this error?


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When user use CA File Master Plus r10 option 3.13(LOADINFO utiltiy) as edit JCL execution mode cause JCL Build problem message shows as follow:

While building the 'CA File Master Plus' JCL to satisfy the request, a return code of '8' was returned from the 'FTINCL' operation.

Short MSG: 'Table is not open' - Long MSG: 'TBEND issued for table JCLSYSIN that is not open'.

How can I correct this error?




CA File Master Plus r10 introduce new member called CAWASLDI. 

CAWASDLI is new JCL skeleton member in r10.

CAWASDLI is located at HLQ.CDBISKL0 library. 

If you running CA File Master Plus as mixed release or upgrade from previous release and not correctly replace the library will cause this error as missing CAWASLDI member.

The way to diagnose is:

1) Start CA File Master Plus.
2) On the commend line, type TSO ISRDDN and press enter key.
3) In the resulting screen, scroll down to DD name"SLIB"; if there isn't an SLIB DD then look in "ISPSLIB". Verify that this is the CA File Master Plus r10 CDBISKL0.
4) In the ACT column, tyep M to get a member list of the library. Verify that member CAWASLDI exists.