How to identify which CA LDAP fixes are in the CA RS level?
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How to identify which CA LDAP fixes are in the CA RS level?


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CA Recommended Service (CA RS) are distributed monthly; the releases are designed to be implemented via Chorus Software Manager (CSM).
Clients not using CSM may want to know which fixes are included in a specific CA RS. Will you please point me to the procedure I need to follow to do so?




The CA RS levels will include all of the preventative maintenance available for your CA LDAP as well as for all of your CA products.

It is possible to get the information about which APARs are included in each CA RS. It takes a series of steps which are documented for you here:

1- Go to

2- At the bottom of this page you'll see a section titled "CA RS Reports and related Tools"; the first link in this section is "CA RS for z/OS Monthly PDF Reports". Click that link. It will take you to the most recent list of all CA RS that have been produced, organized by year and month.

3- Click on the CA RS level that interests you. This will take you to a page of CA Products (listed by name and release) which have APARs included on that CA RS.

4- Click on whichever product(s) you are interested in, and that takes you to a spreadsheet including the actually APAR names.

Additional Information

Clients not currently using CSM may want to review this information about using CA RS without CA CSM: