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User cannot see experience card created by another user in the same Universe


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CA Application Performance Management Agent (APM / Wily / Introscope) INTROSCOPE


This KB discusses about the following scenario:

1. I have created a non-admin user 'A' for a custom domain.

2. I have also assigned user 'A' with 'manage' privilege to a Universe (for eg: Universe A) in the APM Team Center.

3. Next, I logged in to the APM Team Center as user 'A', and created an Experience Card (for eg: Experience Card A).

4. Then, I logged in to the APM Team Center as 'admin' and selected "Universe A".

5. In this case, I can't see 'Experience Card A' created by user 'A'.

Note: User 'admin' also has 'manage' privilege on 'Universe A'

Why 'admin' cannot see 'Experience Card A' even though it is in the same Universe as user 'A'?


CA Application Performance Management - Team Center (ATC)


This is an expected behavior.

Basically, for an experience card to be viewed by everyone within the same Universe, the option "Make this Experience Card public" on the top right corner of the Create An Experience Card console, will need to be selected. However, this option is only enabled for a user that belongs to the "Admin" group in users.xml. This is because the main objective of the ATC Universe and Experience View features is to allow Admin users to create specific views for different user groups and push them out to the users.

In other word, an experience card created by any non-admin user will only belongs privately to that user, and cannot be made public to others. To create an experience card that can be accessed by all users within the same Universe, it needs to be done using a user with Admin privilege, and the "Make this Experience Card public" option needs to be selected.

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