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Vmware probe - what variables can be used in vmware probe messages?


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


The Vmware probe documentation details several variables that can be used in alarm messages here. It does not however detail what each of the variables means.

What information does each of the variables return?


UIM Any Version

vmware probe any version


The following variables are available to the vmware probe alarm messages

  • $resource - the vcenter
  • $host - The vcenter server
  • $port - The vcenter server port
  • $descr - The monitor description
  • $monitor - The name of the monitor
  • $key - The monitor key
  • $unit - the Monitor unit
  • $value = the value of the monitor
  • $oper or $operator = The alarm operator (=, > etc.)
  • $thr = The configured threshold value 
  • $info = the alarm or event text received from Vcenter
    • this is only populated when the alarm is forwarded directly from vcenter. If the Alarm is based on a QOS then this variable will not be populated