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On Service Desk Manager r14.1, multiple emails are sent out to recipients even though the option "mail_show_to_cc_list" has been installed. Why are they sent out?


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On r14.1, if "mail_show_to_cc_list option" is installed, only one email is created and sent out to all recipients. However, sometime the emails are sent out to them separately. How Service Desk Manager determines how many emails are generated and which recipients should be added to a same email?


Release: SDMU0M99000-14.1-Service Desk Manager-Full License


An Activity Notification email will be separated if Contacts have different Notification Method. You can check what Notification Method is defined to a Contact as shown below.


  1. Log into Service Desk Manager (SDM) using a privilege SDM user account and open 'Administration' tab.

  2. Go to 'Security and Role Management' > 'Contacts'. Search for a Contact you would like to check the Notification Method setting.

  3. Open the Contact and open 'Contact Details' and 'Notification' tab. You will be able to see there is a Method setting for each Notification level.

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Additional Information

TEC1191593: Is there is difference in the email notification process with regards to multiple recipients if the mail_show_to_cc_list option is installed?


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