Group contains groups.
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Group contains groups.


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I would like to reorganize assignment groups into a parent/child relationship. I have a parent group which contains a child group. In the child group I have contacts. If I assign now the parent group to the ticket, I am not able to attach a group as an assignee as only contacts are allowed. But there are no contacts in the parent group - only groups.

Why is it allowed to have parent child group configuration if it is not useable for tickets assignments?


CA Service Desk Manager 14.1CA Service Desk Manager 17.0


The responsibility of a ticket ( meaning who needs or is expected to work on a ticket ) is related (not only) to a group responsibility (meaning a group of people/individuals ) and an personal/individual responsibility ( the assignee ). So when it comes to finding the right responsible people for a ticktet, a common approach is to transfer the ticket to a group, which is somehow related to the ticket Problem area, and leaving the assignee empty! 
The group itself is somehow self organizing, and each individual decides to pick up a ticket, if he is free and think he is able to work on this ticket, and entering himself into the assignee field. By doing so, he will let all others in the group know, that he is working on this ticket. 

This is exactly the approach the tool (SDM) is working like. Additionally it also provides the ability to assign the ticket to an analyst individual(assignee) with the lowest workload. 

 There is certain application logic, like the one that an assignee must be of type Analyst and a member of the current ticket group, not always fits to the data structure which might be possible.