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How to add a new Object Contact that can be added as a recipient of an Activity Notification?


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We can specify recipients of an Activity Notification on a Notification Rule Detail screen as per the following screenshot. 

If we add a new custom column a ticket, we would need to send a notification to a Contact or Group specified to the custom filed. 


This document explains how to add a new Object Contact.


All versions of Service Desk Manager.


In order to add a new Object Contact, please follow the below steps. On these steps, a custom field named "SubGroup" that refers to "grp (Group contacts)" added to cr table is used as an example.

  1. Log into Service Desk Manager (SDM) using SDM privileged account and open 'Administration' tab.

  2. Go to 'Notifications' > 'Object Contact Notifications' and click on <Create New> button.

  3. Type a name of the new Object Contact in 'Symbol' field and select "Request/Incident/Problem" from 'Object Type' drop down list. 

  4. Type the Object Attribute Name in the 'Object Attribute Name' field. In this example, type "zsubgroup". Save it.

  5. To add the created new Contact Object to an Activity Notification Rule, go to 'Notifications' > 'Activity Notifications'. Open an Activity Notification you would like to send a notification to the created Contact Object, and open an associated Notification Rule.

  6. On 'Object Contacts' tab, click on <Update Object Contact> button and select <Search>.

  7. Select the created Object Contact and click on ">>" button to add it to the Notification Recipients box.

  8. Click <OK> button to save the recipients. You will be able to see the created Object Contact "Sub Group" is listed on the 'Object Contacts' tab.

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How to add a new Object Contact that can be added as a recipient of an Activity Notification?


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