How to get the CA Pan/SQL product when running a CA Easytrieve DB2 program


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CA PanAudit Plus CA Easytrieve Report Generator CA PAN/SQL


I know for CA Easytrieve Report generator Option for DB2 that the product CA Pan/SQL should be installed.

Do I have to order this product separately, or does it come along with CA Easytrieve Report Generator product?


Release: EDBMSU00200-6.4-Easytrieve-Report Generator-Option for DB2-MSU


You are very correct in that to run a CA Easytrieve DB2 program, you need three things:
1. The CA Easytrieve product
2. The DB2 option for the CA Easytrieve product
3. the CA Pan/SQL product.

In order to install the CA Pan/SQL product, please
1. Go under Download Center
2. Please select 'products'
3. Please from the drop down arrow, select this product: 
    CA Easytrieve Report Generator OPTION for DB2 - MVS
4. Please specify the release 6.4 or release 11.6    
5. Hit 'GO'
6. Please page down and you will see the following for CA Pan/SQL for DB2 product tape:


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