Difference between Creation Date and Opened Date
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Difference between Creation Date and Opened Date


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CA Agile Central On Premise (Rally) CA Agile Central SaaS (Rally)


On a Defect, why is the Creation Date and the Opened Date different? 


Component: ACSAAS


The Creation Date will automatically be set as soon as the Defect is created. Opened Date is automatically set once the Defect State is changed to Open; this will vary depending on if someone works on the Defect the day of creation, or if it is not picked up until a different day. If the Defect is Opened the same day it is created then you will see the same date for Creation and Opened. If the Defect State is changed back to a Submitted state at any point, then the Opened Date will go back to blank. Then once it is Opened again, the date will reflect that date. The Closed Date field works the same way as the Opened Date. 


If a defect is never set to State of Opened - i.e. it is moved from Submitted to Fixed, Verifying or Closed, then Date Opened will remain blank.  The defect must be set (and saved) to a Sate of Opened in order to populate the Date Opened field.  This is working as designed.