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Does the Web Agent 12.52SP1CR06 support the "Multiple Agent Configurations for Application Pools" ?


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Does the Web Agent 12.52SP1CR06 support the "Multiple Agent Configurations for Application Pools" ?


Component: SMIIS


Yes it supports it. This feature has been delivered in Web Agent 12.52SP1CR04 as per this Enhancement Request :


Technical Writeup.


The new support for Multiple ACOs in IIS creates multiple LLAWP

processes one per WebAgent.conf (if there are multiple WebAgent.conf

configured with multiple WebSites).


This capability also extends to Agent Discovery Feature i.e. now since

there are multiple LLAWP processes i.e. one per WebAgent.conf - on the

Policy Server WAM UI under Agent Discovery we see that many Agent

Instances connecting. For Example : If there are 3 WebSites and 3

WebAgent.conf, then there would be 3 LLAWP processes. Thus on WAMUI

we'd see 3 Agent instances.


Thus it is a significant step in completely virtualizing IIS (similar

to Apache). However we are not there yet completely, since the new

feature is still limited in capability by adhering to use a Single

SmHost.conf (hence we are not at par with Apache).


Nevertheless the Technical implementation for the currently delivered

feature in R12.52 SP1 CR04 makes it very feasible / easy to Support

Multiple SmHost.conf and thus allow customers to connect each WebSites

on IIS to different Policy Server Infrastructure in future.


Example :


Single IIS Server

------ Single WebAgent Install

------ ------WebSite1: LLAWP (WebAgent.conf --> SmHost.conf --> Dev Policy Server Infrastructure).

------ ------WebSite2: LLAWP (WebAgent.conf --> SmHost.conf --> Test Policy Server Infrastructure).

------ ------WebSite3: LLAWP (WebAgent.conf --> SmHost.conf --> Prodn Policy Server Infrastructure).


NOTE : All the necessary ingredients are in place to support multiple

SmHost.conf.  Multiple SmHost.conf may work even now, just that CA

hasn't confirmed support for multiple SmHost.conf as part of new

feature supporting multiple ACOs. As part of the new feature of

supporting multiple ACOs, CA has confirmed supported only for Single