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Endevor monitors administrator actions on Environment objects using SMF


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You can monitor administrator actions on Environment objects using SMF recording and real-time logging. With the logging feature, changes made by any administrator that might affect your software applications can be quickly tracked back to the individual who made the change.

This capability enables tighter control over how your software applications are managed in CA Endevor SCM. Previously, SMF recording was available only for security and element action activity.

The records are stored into the ALOGDSN file.

How can you make use of the SMF records written to the ALOGDSN file?


Component: SCMMNI


The CSV, API reporting features are available from Endevor 18.0 INCremental 09. Canned SMF reports are dedicated to report activity and Security issue in the Endevor inventory. 

The copy member/macro $SMFREC4 that maps the Admin Action SMF data records have been provided with Endevor 18.0 INCremental 05. 

Programming will be required to create meaningful (readable) output, though.

Additional Information

See Articles : TEC480516; TEC1867967; TEC1516921; TEC1268615; TEC1198117

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