HiDRO; configure for SSI
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HiDRO; configure for SSI


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VM:Backup High-Speed Disaster Recovery Option (HiDRO)


Running CA VM:Backup HiDRO in a SSI Environment

How do you configure HiDRO to run in an SSI environment?




In an SSI environment, most DASD volumes are globally shared among all members of the complex while certain other volumes are private to each member system. Most virtual machines are able to logon once in the complex on any member while others will be able to logon multiple times, once per member system in the complex. In order for normal user virtual machines to be able to logon to any member of the complex, minidisks must be allocated on globally shared DASD. Similarly, virtual machines that can logon to more than one member simultaneously should have minidisks that are allocated on private volumes.

It is critical when creating and manipulating directory entries, that you follow this convention: minidisks for normal users must be allocated only on globally shared volumes while minidisks defined for IDENTITY virtual machines in a SUBCONFIG be allocated on only on volumes that are private to the member on which the SUBCONFIG is built. Failure to follow this convention may prevent successful backups.

CA VM:Backup HiDRO (HiDRO) can be used in an SSI environment as follows. Multiple HiDRO server sets (all three servers; HIDRO, SYBMON, and SYBCOM) must be deployed as normal user IDs. One of these HiDRO server sets (probably HIDRO, SYBMON, and SYBCOM) will be responsible for backing up and restoring normal VM user IDs having minidisks that are allocated on shared DASD. This HiDRO server set (HIDRO, SYBMON, and SYBCOM) can be run on any member because it works with DASD volumes that are globally shared. This HiDRO server set must be prevented from backing up private volumes. This is done by adding exclusion criteria to the backup SELECT File that excludes all of the private DASD volumes in addition to user IDs you do not want to backup at all (for example, $ALLOC$). You can do this with the 'Define/Change Backups' function which is accessible from the SYBMON Machine Main Menu. This function allows you to define and modify the section criteria for each backup job you have created.

The other HiDRO server sets (probably named HIDRO01, SYBMON01, SYBCOM01 through HIDRO04, SYBMON04, SYBCOM04) will be responsible for backing up minidisks that are defined on private volumes specific to each member. These HiDRO server sets must be run on the specific member that has access to the private DASD to be backed up. You are responsible for ensuring these user IDs will be logged on to the correct member. To ensure these HiDRO server sets only backup private DASD volumes, you must specify inclusion criteria for the private volsers in the backup SELECT File in addition to exclusion criteria for all your shared volsers. Because we are deploying normal HiDRO server sets with unique user IDs, you will be able to communicate with these unique server sets using SMSG and SYBLIST (including the PROFILE option referencing HIDRO, HDIRO01, HIDRO02, HIDRO03, or HIDRO04) commands. These HiDRO PROFILE Files should reside on a globally shared minidisk.


Additional Information

Installing CA VM:Backup HiDRO in a SSI Configuration

• All HiDRO server IDs must be defined as USER type directory entries

• All HiDRO server minidisks must be defined on globally shared DASD

• If you already have the primary non-member specific set of HiDRO servers (HIDRO, SYBMON, and SYBCOM) defined and installed, you only need to define and install the member specific sets of HiDRO servers (HIDRO01, SYBMON01, and SYBCOM01 … )

• When installing service (VMFREC, VMFAPPLY, VMFBLD), you only need to do this one time (each time you need to install service) to update the HiDRO server base code. However, you must run the deploy process for each defined set of HiDRO servers:

o Deploy to global HiDRO servers:

? HIDFT EXTRACT (run on the HiDRO server)


? HIDFT APPLY (run on the HiDRO server)

o Deploy to each member specific HiDROxx servers:

? HIDFT EXTRACT (run on HiDROxx server)


? HIDFT APPLY (run on the HiDROxx server)