Question about imbedded Derby database copy from one server to another
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Question about imbedded Derby database copy from one server to another


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When copying/exporting database, between two servers both at version 12.1, the database folder could be directly copied?

Would a copy work between disparate Web Viewer builds? 

The export function would normally be sufficient, but it doesn't export user favorites or subscriptions?

Can an imbedded Derby database be copied from one Web Viewer server to another?




Yes. Start by shutting down the old server (Web Application Server) and then copying the AdminDB folder and all of its contents. 

Next, delete or rename the existing AdminDB folder on the new server, and then copy the entire AdminDB folder from the old server to the same location on the new server. The database schema was not changed between Web Viewer Builds, so disparate Build levels between servers is not an issue where the Derby DB copy is concerned. You should however, still run the Configuration Tool after the copy is completed to insure that the new server is still pointing to the correct mainframe, and to confirm data and permissions.

Additional Information

While not the preferred database in a production environment, using the imbedded Derby DB will make the job of copying and moving a Web Viewer database easier. The Export and Import utilities would not migrate user favorites and subscriptions, where the Derby database copy would.