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After updating to PTF RO77451 to add the Last Reference Date Recording (LRDR) the product FILEAID no longer shows the same date and time.


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How do we resolve the problem with the FILE-AID product showing the following:

We created two datasets, one a PDS and the other a PDSE. Both were populated with the same data. (These are non-program libraries.) We specified LRDR for both of these, REF=Y for the PDS and REF=E for the PDSE. 

We used the File-aid search function to search each of these libraries. The last reference dates for the members of the PDS were unchanged. The last reference date for the members of the PDSE were all set to the current date.  

We APPLYd PTF RO77451 to provide the new Last Reference Date Recording for our PDS and PDSE files.


Release: PDSMA100200-7.7-PDSMAN-PDS Library Management-ONE COMPONENT


You will be required to update your PDSMINIT rules to allow for the FILE-AID discrepancy.

you need to add the $ACCESS LIB=- PGM=FILEAID REF=N rule. It should be placed before any other $ACCESS rules, so that it matches on any library.