CASFSERV(CSFDSG) security violation by CA LDAP started task.
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CASFSERV(CSFDSG) security violation by CA LDAP started task.


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Resolving a security violations for CASFSERV(CSFDSG) for CA LDAP started task.

CALDAP receives a:

 TSS7251E Access Denied to CSFSERV <CSFDSG>

Please let me know why CALDAP is asking for this function and throwing this message.


Component: GEN


CA LDAP started task acid was receiving security violations for CSFSERV(CSFDSG) which was valid because there was no PERMIT for it on the acid. Once you PERMITted the acid, the security violations went away.

According to the following IBM doc::

CSFSERV(CSFDSG) authority is required for:
1. RSA Digital Signature Generation
2. ECC Digital Signature Generation

Since CA LDAP uses these services, the PERMITs for CSFSERV(CSFDSG) need to be given the to CA LDAP started task.

TSS PER(caldapstartedtaskacid)  CASFSERV(CSFDSG) ACC(ALL(

will resolve the security violation.