How to Remove Guest Login Link From the Login Page?
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How to Remove Guest Login Link From the Login Page?


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The Guest Login link on the Service Desk/CMDB web interface is there for anyone to log in into as a guest and open tickets, even the user does not

have a valid userid in Service Desk/CMDB contact repository. However, sometimes this is not desirable as someone could log in and open some bogus

tickets. This tech doc gives details steps on how system administrators can customize the login page to remove this link.

How to Remove Guest Login Link From the Login Page?


windows, unix/linux, Service Desk Manager 17.0, 14.1, 12.9, 12.7, SQL database, Oracle database


Follow these steps to remove this link:

On each of the Service Desk/CMDB servers

1. Copy login.htmpl file from install-root-directory\bopcfg\www\htmpl\default to install-root-directory\site\mods\www\htmpl\default.

    Please notice that if you have loging.htmpl file already in install-root-directory\site\mods\www\htmpl\default, you can make a backup cody

    of this file instead of copy it from install-root-directory\bopcfg\www\htmpl\default.

2. Open login.htmpl in install-root-directory\site\mods\www\htmpl\default using an Editor(for example wordpad). Delete this statement

    document.writeln("<td align='right' nowrap><a href='javascript:pdm_submit(\"login\", \"LogAsGuest\")' class='datalink'><span>" + msgtext("Guest_Login,_Click_here.") + "</span><\/a><\/td>");

    and save and close the file.

3. From command prompt, run these commands

    pdm_webcache -H

    pdm_webcache -b

4. Test to make sure the link is removed: follow the instruction to remove the browser cache and then go to the web interface login page; you

    should see that the link "Guest Login" is not present anymore.