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Requisition Resource Amount is different


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Requisition Reource Amount is different, it shows a slightly higher value.

1. Go into a project -> click on 'Team' tab

2. Click on the 'Team' tab and select 'Requisitions'

3. Click on the requisition name

4. Click on 'Resources' tab

5. This takes you to the 'Project: <project name> | Requsition: <name> - Requisition Resources' screen.  You may see that the Amount is slightly higher than expected.

For example:-

Amount: 57.14
Requisition Requested Amount: 50.00
Difference: 7.14

Where does the 7.14 come from?

<Please see attached file for image>



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Here is the explanation and calculation:-

Role Availability = 7 hours per day.
For August it will be 7 hours x 22 days = 154 hours

Investment: <investment_name> | Role: Business Analyst - Staff Member Properties:-
August Allocation is 32.47%

Resource Availability 8 hours per day.
For August 8 hours x 22 days = 176 hours

August hours of 176 is 32.47% = calculation: 176/100*32.47 = 57.14

We can't change how the 'Amount' field is calculated but in the Requistion Resources screen I found that you can add a column called 'Requisition Requested Amount', this gives the value of 100


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