DSA status comes back as 'does not exist'
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DSA status comes back as 'does not exist'


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CA Directory


You may come across a situation where when you run 'dxserver status' command line tool to check status on your DSAs and all or some of them report back as "does not exist". You already confirmed that all necessary config files exist so it should exist.


Symantec Directory 14.x


There is a high possibility that somehow the actual 'dxserver' process attached to this {dsaname} has disappeared. e.g. crashed, got killed with 'kill -9' command accidentally etc.


When this happens, chances are, it left behind PID file under $DXHOME/pid folder for this DSA in question. This PID is not an actual number but rather reflects the {dsaname}.


In order to address this:


* Manually delete the PID name associated with the {dsaname} that shows up as "does not exist" in 'dxserver status' output.

* Re-run 'dxserver status' and it should be reported as 'stopped'.

* Restart those DSAs for which you deleted the PID files and re-run 'dxserver status' to confirm those report back as 'started'.