Obtain the installed date of Discovered Software using WBEM
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Obtain the installed date of Discovered Software using WBEM


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Due to different business needs, there are times that more information is needed regarding of software discovered information in Agent machines, here Client Automation's administrator can understand how to obtain the installed date of the software on Windows machines using WBEM.

How to obtain the installed date of discovered software using WBEM?


Client Automation - All supported versions.

Windows OS


1.- On DSM Explorer > Control Panel > Configuration > Collection Modules >Inventory Detection Modules.
2.- Take a copy of WBEM module.
3.- Open the new module, go to "Configuration" tab and click in "Launch...".
4.- Clear everything that is currently selected.
5.- Navigate to:
Win32_* -> Win32_Product and select:

- "Name"
- "Description"
- "InstallDate"

NOTE: Scanmode must be "INCLUDE" and Namspace "ROOT\CIMV2".

6.- Save the change and assign this inventory task to Agents and wait until the information is collected.

In order to review the information captured on Agents, the following path can be reviewed:

All Computers -> "Agent_name" -> Inventory -> Additional -> WBEM Inventory -> Win32_Product

Additional Information

This procedure works only on Windows machines.