Scheduled Tasks are giving error Could not Start


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Management Platform (Formerly known as Notification Server)


Windows Scheduled Tasks are showing the status "could not start"

"Could not start' dialogue in the tasks 'Status' column


Windows Scheduled Tasks credentials were changed from running as the "NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM" account  to another user's account.  It is not known exactly what the root cause is but this problems seems to occur more frequently when a non administrative Remote Desktop session is opened to the platform server and was still open when the NS.Weekly schedule had run.


-Go to windows scheduled tasks folder,  click start>run and type tasks.
-Right click on NS.Weekly then choose properties, Copy all of the command in the run field.
-Open a command prompt, paste the command in it and press enter, wait till the cursor be in ready status again, then right click on NS.Weekly and click run, it should now run successfully and all the other scheduled tasks should run on time when they get called.

If that does not work then perform the following steps

1. In Windows Task scheduler delete all scheduled tasks except for task “NS.Weekly.{ab7141ed-e03a-48e5-9051-a71b5912b7f2}” or any task that was not created by Symantec Management Platform.

2. Wait for 10-15 minutes for the Microsoft task garbage collection routine to run. You can’t see it run, it just runs in the background at intervals.

3. Open the task NS.Weekly.{ab7141ed-e03a-48e5-9051-a71b5912b7f2} and, if the 'Run As' box contains any account other than NT AUTORITY\SYSTEM, then change it to NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM  (password is blank).

4. Manually run NS.Weekly.{ab7141ed-e03a-48e5-9051-a71b5912b7f2}. It should populate the tasks list again.


If the Issue is reproduces continuously, Create a new windows scheduled task to run on the same interval of reproducing with the same command from NS.Weekly.

Applies To

Windows Server 2003