The CMDB Visualizer needs long time to startup.


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We recently configured the Visualizer on our server. When starting the Visualizer, he fetches all CI'S from the CI table. 
Before this fetch is not complete, the Visualizer is not usable/accessible. Currently we have ~2.500.000 (growing) CI's in the database. It takes over 30 minutes after pdm_init until the Visualizer is operable. 

Is there a solution or workaround to avoid such unacceptable long startup procedure?


CA Service Desk Manager 14.1CA Service Desk Manager 17.0


The CMDB Visualizer loads the CI basic details during the Startup and builds its cache. This cache helps the Visualizer in rendering the Graph faster later on. 

The initial loading time will be proportional to number of CIs in the system. 
The Visualizer will be usable only after cache is built completely. 
This will ensure the incomplete/ inconsistent graph is NOT rendered to Analyst, during the startup. 

If the number of CIs are growing, the startup time of the Visualizer will be delayed. This is expected behavior.