PGP Desktop 9.12 - Resolved Issues
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PGP Desktop 9.12 - Resolved Issues


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This article details a list of resolved issues in PGP Desktop 9.12.0.





  • Resolved the issue with PGP Desktop for Windows on certain Fujitsu laptop models so that PGP Desktop now fully exits when the user interface is closed. [20405]
  • Encrypting clipboard contents no longer fails after migrating from PGP Desktop for Windows version 9.6.3. [21508]
  • Certain Dell desktop systems no longer experience a blue screen error when engaging hybrid sleep on Windows Vista. [20781]
  • Microsoft Windows Systems that have Microsoft Application Virtualization clients installed no longer experience a blue screen error when uninstalling PGP Desktop. [20905]
  • Resolved an issue with PGP Tray stopping on systems running Microsoft Windows Vista with Microsoft Outlook 2007. [19964]
  • Resolved the issue where a benign error about corrupt prefs.xml was displayed. [19954]

PGP Keys


  • It is now possible to change the passphrase of a revoked or expired key in PGP Desktop for Windows. [21637]
  • Managed installations of PGP Desktop for OS X now include all certificates from Trusted Keys. [15059]
  • Data encrypted to legacy RSA keys can now be correctly decrypted with PGP bundle keys. [18891]
  • The default size for a bundle top key has been upgraded from 1024-bit to 2048-bit. [20134]
  • Keys contained on certain smart cards can now be used to access encrypted removable disks when those keys were added as public keys on another system. [19459]
  • S/MIME certificates in binary format can now be imported into PGP Desktop for Windows. [20668]
  • Improvements have been made to the key reconstruction functionality. [19647]

PGP Messaging


  • Microsoft Outlook Connector Extensions now function when the PGP MAPI proxy is enabled. [18938]
  • Mail can now be sent once Lotus Notes is restarted after exiting PGP Services. [19193]
  • Improvements have been made to local key cache for offline policy. [20135]
  • Resolved an issue where a German string handling error was displayed when using Lotus Notes. [20265]
  • Added support for S/MIME encrypted emails from Entrust clients in the PGP Desktop for Windows MAPI proxy. [20744]
  • Added support for POP Auth multi-step plain negotiation in the PGP Desktop for Windows email proxy. [21565]

PGP NetShare


  • PGP NetShare-only licenses now correctly recognize an existing PGP key during client enrollment. [14365]
  • PGP NetShare folders are now automatically created on enrollment when specified by policy and Email Messaging is disabled. [21554]
  • PGP NetShare documents are no longer corrupted when overwritten by clipboard data with the same name. [22272]
  • Re-encryption of PGP NetShare files can now be completed if network connectivity was interrupted during the encryption process. [22473]
  • Improved the reliability and performance of PGP NetShare after upgrading from a previous version of PGP Desktop for Windows. [22676]
  • A user's key is not allowed to be removed from a PGP NetShare-protected folder if PGP Universal Server policy specifies that folders must always be encrypted to the user's key. [17649]

PGP Whole Disk Encryption


  • You can now create a password using the Italian (Italy) keyboard layout in PGP WDE for Windows. [19842]
  • On certain Dell Mini laptops, the PGP BootGuard screen in PGP Desktop for Windows now contains a passphrase entry field [22182]
  • Eliminated a Windows blue screen error that appeared after authenticating at the PGP BootGuard screen when using the Single Sign-on feature. [19777]
  • Removable disks encrypted with PGP WDE for Windows now display the volume name after a system reboot. [13643]
  • Improved reliability of PGP WDE Single Sign-on when authenticating to PGP BootGuard on Windows systems with a smart card PIN. [20743]
  • Addressed an issue where in certain cases users of PGP WDE for Windows would encounter a blue screen error after upgrading PGP Desktop. [19921]
  • Microsoft Windows Vista Hybrid Sleep no longer causes corrupt disk errors for PGP Whole Disk Encrypted disks. [18928]
  • Improvements have been made to the status shown on the PGP Universal Server when the disk is encrypted with PGP WDE for Mac OS X. [20044]
  • Improvements have been made to PGP Desktop for Windows so that PGP BootGuard displays correctly on Panasonic Toughbook and Sony Vaio Mini systems. [20222]
  • Resolved an issue in PGP Desktop for Windows to prevent PGP BootGuard from halting after receiving a "loading stage2" error. [20571]
  • Microsoft Windows folders that are shared within encrypted removable disks remain shared after a system reboot. [19065]