Error initializing - [0x80070032]
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Error initializing - [0x80070032]


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Symantec Products


When attempting to secure a folder with PGP NetShare you receive an error similar to the following:

(Error initializing - [0x80070032] [G:\My Documents\Secured Folder\]: PGPError #-50 (-50) 37:


This error can occur when attempting to secure a WebDAV folder using a third-party software. PGP NetShare is not supported with WebDAV when using third-party software.

Beginning with version 9.10 of PGP Desktop, PGP NetShare now protects folders located on Web servers that support the WebDAV protocol, such as Microsoft SharePoint. PGP NetShare enables specific users to share protected files in a shared space, such as on a corporate file server, in a shared folder, or on removable media such as a USB drive.

PGP NetShare allows you to encrypt files seamlessly when stored on MS SharePoint Server. This new feature is best used with MS Office 2007 and Windows Vista. PGP NetShare WebDAV Support also allows usage with Apache and other WebDAV fileservers.