Export List of PGP WDE Users
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Export List of PGP WDE Users


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This article applies to PGP Desktop clients in a PGP Universal Server managed environment. The PGP Universal Server System Logs card lists and time stamps each action a PGP Universal Server takes. Analysis of the logs can help you determine how your configuration of the server and the policies you have established are affecting your email.



To export a list of PGP WDE users


  1. Login to the PGP Universal Server administrative interface. The System Overview is displayed from the Reporting card.
  2. Click the Graphs tab on the Reporting card and scroll down to the Whole Disk Encryption section.
  3. Click the Export WDE Activity button select a location to save the report.

    Note: The report is saved as a Comma Separated Values File (.csv) file.

  4. Click Save

The following list details some of the information included in the report:

  • User name
  • Host name
  • Operating system
  • PGP Desktop version
  • Device ID
  • Partition ID
  • Device Status
Note: Users may have multiple entries in the report depending on the number of partitions encrypted for the user. PGP WDE reporting is based on the number of partitions on a system.