PGP Desktop 9.10 - Resolved Issues
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PGP Desktop 9.10 - Resolved Issues


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This article details a list of resolved issues in PGP Desktop 9.10.





  • General improvements have been made to the localized (German and Japanese) text in the PGP Desktop (Windows and Mac OS X) user interface. [NBN]
  • Resolved the issue where PGP Desktop for Windows did not allow the creation of full crash dumps in version 9.9 and later [19871]
  • Clicking on a help icon button correctly displays the help index in PGP Desktop for Mac OS X. [20076]
  • PGP Desktop for Windows is now compatible with the EMC RSA SecurID 800 (SID800) version 2 token for both key storage and pre-boot authentication. [19897]



  • After installing PGP Desktop for Windows, if you choose not to reboot the system, you will not be able to run PGP Tray until after the system has been rebooted. [18082]
  • Resolved the issue in PGP Desktop for Windows where a user who upgrades from version 9.6.3 receives an "untrusted certificate" message before the enrollment process begins. [19884]

PGP Messaging


  • With PGP Desktop for Windows, you can now drag-and-drop an email message onto the Outlook calendar folder icon to create a calendar entry that contains the email message body. [13224]
  • Resolved an issue in PGP Desktop for Windows so that a MAPI/Exchange user can now re-send a mail message from a PST folder. [19811]
  • Resolved the issue in PGP Desktop for Windows where messages encrypted to a legacy RSA wrapper key did not decrypt with the user's PGP version 9.9 bundle key. This issue occurred in particular with Lotus Notes email clients. [19909]
  • Resolved the issue in PGP Desktop for Mac OS X where so that specifying a manual proxy in a messaging service setting no longer reverts to automatic proxy. [19973]
  • Improvements have been made to the local key caching when PGP Desktop Email is using offline policies. [20135]
  • Disabling messaging by policy on the PGP Universal Server removes PGP integration with Lotus Notes and MAPI if you have administrative rights on your system. You must restart your Windows system for this to take effect. [20374]

PGP NetShare


  • PGP NetShare now has added support for the ReplaceFile Win32 function. This allows Microsoft Office 2007- protected files to keep their current protection credentials after the file is renamed. [18787]

PGP Whole Disk Encryption


  • Resolved the issue in PGP Whole Disk Encryption for Windows where removable drives that were encrypted with a token user (for example, the WDE admin key) could not be unlocked using the Whole Disk Recovery Token. [19951]
  • PGP Whole Disk Encryption for Mac OS X now allows GPT drives on a PowerPC Macintosh to be encrypted. [20026]
  • Resolved an issue in PGP Whole Disk Encryption for Windows when using Canadian (French) keyboards. [20162]
  • Resolved issues with data validation in PGP WDE drivers which in rare circumstances could lead to system instability. Credit to Giuseppe 'Evilcry' Bonfá. [20046]



  • PGP Desktop for Windows now, by default, suggests the current directory location for a new archive when multiple files located in the same directory are added to a PGP Zip. [15918]

PGP Virtual Disk


  • Resolved issues with address space verification within the IOCTL handlers in the PGP Virtual Disk drivers. Credit to Nikita Tarakanov. (20387)