Manually Approve Pending Internal User Keys
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Manually Approve Pending Internal User Keys


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This article describes how to approve pending keys on the PGP Universal Server for users who have existing PGP keys.



The Verified Directory allows internal users to submit their own PGP keys. Allowing user key submission is useful for internal users who already have keys, such as existing PGP Desktop users. If the user already has a PGP key, and the new key is approved, the new key replaces any old existing keys on the server.

PGP Desktop users upload their public keys through the PGP Verified Directory interface at the address and port you configure on the Verified Directory card. They can also upload keys through the PGP Desktop "Send To" function.

On the Verified Directory card, you can specify how you want these user-submitted keys approved. If you have set the PGP Verified Directory to require either a confirmation email from the user or to require you, the administrator, to manually approve the key, the users PGP key status is marked pending.

To manually approve the key submission


  1. Login to the PGP Universal Server administrative interface.
  2. Click the Policy card then click the Internal Users.
  3. Next to the user name, click the plus sign icon in the Action to approve the key.