Unable to send logging data to configuration server...
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Unable to send logging data to configuration server...


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After updating the user password on a client system, the PGP Desktop client no longer communicates with the PGP Universal Server and logs display the following errors:

Unable to send logging data to configuration server; will try later: system security operation failed (-11953)

Unable to establish SOAP communication with keys.example.com

Even though the issue appears to be resolved by re-enrolling the user with the PGP Universal Server, the issue may re-occur to the client. If you change your password back to your previous password, the PGP Desktop client will begin to communicate with the server.


This occurs on Windows XP SP2 due to an issue with the Data Protection API when the user changes their password when prompted that the password is going to expire or when the user is forced to change the password after being reset. This can affect communication between PGP Desktop clients and PGP Universal Servers as well as accessing any EFS files on the system.

This is a known Microsoft issue and more information is available by clicking the link below. The article also includes a link to download a hotfix to correct the problem. The issue is also fixed in Windows XP SP3.


To resolve the issue


  1. Request and apply the hotfix from the link above or upgrade to Windows XP SP3.
  2. Re-enroll the user with the server.

For an article on re-enrolling PGP Desktop clients, click here