PGP Universal Server will not install on HP DL120 G5
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PGP Universal Server will not install on HP DL120 G5


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When trying to install PGP Universal Server on a HP 120 G5 Server, the installation prompts you to install additional drivers.



The HP 120 G5 can come with an Embedded RAID controller, which requires special drivers in order to install. PGP Corporation has not certified the HP 120 G5 with a RAID configuration, rather the hardware should be configured so that only one SATA drive is used and in the BIOS, all RAID configurations are disabled.

If the installation still fails or still prompts for drivers, a USB CD-ROM could be used to perform the installation rather than the built-in CD-ROM.

As per the release notes: This model requires an external network card to be compatible with PGP Universal Server. The default Broadcom NC105i Gigabit adapter does not work with PGP Universal Server and is not supported. The following external network card is supported:

HP NC360T PCI Express
Dual Port Gigabit Server Adapter - Intel 82571EB Gigabit Ethernet controller

This hardware has only been certified on PGP Universal Server 2.10 and above.