PGP Enrollment - Your credentials were not accepted. Please try again
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PGP Enrollment - Your credentials were not accepted. Please try again


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When enrolling a Symantec Encryption Desktop client (PGP Desktop) to Symantec Encryption Management Server(SEMS), you receive the following error message:

Your credentials were not accepted. Please try again.



This can occur when the Directory Synchronization settings on the Symantec Encryption Management Server (PGP Universal Server) are incorrect.

When using Directory Synchronization for enrollment with the SEMS, the SED client enrollment will fail if incorrect LDAP settings are specified in the Directory Synchronization configuration, such as the password for the user, the username, etc.

Troubleshoot the following areas:

Access the Directory Synchronization settings for your server

  1. Login to the server's administrative interface.
  2. Click on Consumers then select Directory Synchronization.
  • Check the Hostname of your LDAP server.
  • Confirm the Bind DN and Base DN for your domain are correct.

    TIP: Base DNs are a filter so that you can limit searches so that if your directory is large, it won't go through the whole directory, and you can limit the search.  If the search is too limited, this may present an issue, so check to make sure the Base DN is broad enough).
  • If the passphrase(password) for the account specified for the Bind DN has changed, make sure the password for the account is correct.
  • Confirm the LDAP Directory Type is correct for your LDAP server

Click the Test Connection button to verify you can successfully connect and authenticate with your LDAP server.


Note: SEMS supports LDAPv2, LDAPv3, and LDAPS. You can use any of a number of directories with PGP Universal Server, although directories that more closely conform to the OpenLDAP or X.500 standards work best.  

SEMS 10.4.2 MP2 and above use TLS 1.2 by default.  If your clients are still running on SED 10.3 or older, upgrade them to support TLS 1.2.  If you need to enable TLS 1.0 for older clients, please reach out to Symantec Encryption Support for assistance.