Email Message includes pgpexch.rtf
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Email Message includes pgpexch.rtf


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When receiving an email message, the message includes a pgpexch.rtf attachment.



When you receive an email that includes a pgpexch.rtf attachment, the file contains a copy of the body of the email message.

This can occur when you are using a PGP Universal Gateway Email for email encryption. The Rich Text (RTF) format is normally used by Outlook in a Exchange Server Environment.

To support the RTF format, PGP implemented the pgpexch.rtf attachments which contain the original RTF mail body message. To recreate the RTF mail body from the RTF attachment, an Outlook client and PGP Desktop is needed. Therefore the email message includes the pgpexch.rtf attachment due to the encryption/decryption being performed at gateway level.

As a workaround, use either HTML or Plain Text format for email messages.

In Outlook 2007, the format of the message can be customized per recipient. For example, every time a mail is sent to this recipient, it will be automatically converted to the preferred format. To enable this option in Outlook 2007, right-click the recipient in the To field and select Outlook Properties then set the Internet format preferred format.