View PGP Desktop Logs - Windows
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View PGP Desktop Logs - Windows


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This article describes how to view the PGP logs in PGP Desktop for Windows.



Use the PGP Log to see what actions PGP Desktop is taking to secure your messages. The PGP Desktop log can assist you in troubleshooting issues with PGP Messaging and PGP Whole Disk Encryption.

To view the PGP Desktop Log


Note: Confirm logging is enabled for PGP Desktop. To do this, in PGP Desktop select Tools > and confirm there is a checkmark next to PGP Logging. This is enabled by default.

1. In PGP Desktop, click the PGP Messaging Control box and then click PGP Log. The PGP Log is displayed in the application window. You can also click the PGP Tray icon and select View PGP Log

2. To change the view options or filter on specific logging information, do the following:


  • Click the arrow for View log for to select the days of the logs you want to view.
  • Click the arrow for View topic to select the types of logs you want to view. Choose from All, PGP, Email, IM, Whole Disk, NetShare, Zip/SDA, or Virtual Disk.
  • Click the arrow for View level to select the minimum severity of log entries you want to view. Choose from Error, Warn, Info, or Verbose. Note that Verbose can result in some large log files.

3. When you are finished viewing the log:


  • To save a copy of the PGP Log, click Save.
  • To clear the entries in the PGP Log, click Shred.