Unable to Decrypt after Upgrading PGP Desktop
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Unable to Decrypt after Upgrading PGP Desktop


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After upgrading PGP Desktop, you are unable to decrypt email messages or files.



Public-key cryptography uses two keys (called a keypair) for encrypting and decrypting. One of these two keys is your private key and the other is your public key. Your private key is kept secret and you distribute your public key to others to encrypt email messages and files.

This can occur when the keyring in PGP Desktop does not contain the private key for the corresponding public key to which the file or email message was encrypted. If you delete the PGP folder prior to upgrading you must import the keypair which includes the private and public key.

Import PGP Keys

There are several ways to import someones public key and add it to your keyring. These methods include:

Double-click Method  

  1. Double click the file (e.g. keyname.asc) on your system. If PGP Desktop recognizes the file format, it will open and ask if you want to import the key(s) in the file.


Import within PGP Desktop  

  1. Open PGP Desktop through the system tray or the Programs/All Programs menu. Pull down the File menu and click Import.
  2. Select the key file (i.e. keyname.asc), and then click Open.
  3. Enter the passphrase protecting the key (if applicable) and click Open.
  4. Click Import. The key is then added to your keyring.


Note: A keypair including the private and public key display in the PGP Keys Control box with a blue key as pictured below.