"Volume operation failed" - PGP WDE for Mac
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"Volume operation failed" - PGP WDE for Mac


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When attempting to encrypt a disk with PGP WDE, you receive the error:

Encryption Progress

An error occurred while encrypting your disk:

volume operation failed



PGP WDE for Mac OS X does not support "non-journaled" file systems. You will receive the "Volume operation failed" error when trying to encrypt a non-journaled file system. If using on a non-journaled file system, you must back up your data and convert the file system to use the Mac OS X default file system of Journaled before performing PGP Whole Disk Encryption.

Ensure disk is using the Journaled mode by opening the disk utility and selecting the MacHD. In the lower left the Format should state Mac OS Extended (Journaled).

For more information on journaling on Mac OS X, see the following article on the Apple support site.

This occurs on versions of PGP Desktop 9.9.1 and above.


Note: Previous versions of PGP WDE for Mac OS X incorrectly allowed the encryption of non-journaled file systems. These disks should be decrypted, backed up, and converted to the Mac OS X default of journaled (non-case sensitive) file system.

If using PGP WDE on a non-journaled file system, you will not lose data, but the dive may experience read or write errors.

Other troubleshooting


  • Repair drive permissions - Within the Disk Utility application, click Repair Disk Permissions.
  • Confirm you have Admin rights for the drive.
  • If encryption still fails to begin, try encrypting via the command line.