Unable to load PGP Desktop on Dell Laptop
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Unable to load PGP Desktop on Dell Laptop


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After installing and successfully licensing PGP Desktop on a Dell Laptop, the PGP Tray icon is visible, but PGP Desktop does not load when clicking PGP Desktop from the All Programs menu. 

 Other possible issues you could see is "Call to DeviceIoControl failed" or "Unable to Commit Disk"



This issue can be caused by a conflict between PGP Desktop and the Dell ControlPoint Connection Manager on Dell laptop computers. The Dell ControlPoint Connection Manager comes pre-installed on some models of Dell laptops and provides a Security Manager module to simplify security features. These features may include authentication and wireless connectivity. Within the Dell ControlPoint Connection Manager, a Security Point section includes pre-boot authentication and thumbprint scanner settings.

A workaround to this issue is to uninstall the Dell ControlPoint Connection Manager software or the Security Point component. If available, try uninstalling the Security Point component separately from the Dell ControlPoint software in the Windows Control Panel and reboot the system. If removing the component does not solve the issue, try uninstalling the Dell ControlPoint Connection Manager.

After uninstalling the Dell ControlPoint component and rebooting the system, PGP Desktop will load properly.