Encrypting Forwarded Email Sent to a Group Email Address
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Encrypting Forwarded Email Sent to a Group Email Address


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This article details how to encrypt forwarded email messages to group or mailing list.



You can configure PGP Desktop to encrypt email messages sent to a group email address by creating a policy for your PGP Messaging service.

A messaging policy is a set of one or more instructions that tell PGP Desktop what to do in specific situations. A service can have more than one policy associated with it. When deciding how to handle a specific outgoing email message, PGP Desktop checks the policies configured for the service one at a time (from the top of the list going down). When it finds a policy that applies, it stops checking policies and implements the policy that applies.

Use the following to ensure your email messages are encrypted to all recipients of a group or mailing list.  

  1. Confirm each recipient has each others public key.
  2. Open PGP Desktop then select the PGP Messaging Control box.
  3. Click the desired email account.
  4. In the details for your Account Properties, click Edit Policies.
  5. Click New Policy.
  6. Type a name for the policy in the Description field.
  7. Leave the condition to the default of If all then click the drop-down and change Message Sensitivity to Recipient and leave the next option at the default of is.
  8. In the section Perform the following actions on the message, change the entry from recipient's unverified key to a list of keys.
  9. Click the Edit List button.
  10. Drag the user's keys to Recipients, then click OK.
  11. Click OK to save the new policy and then click Done.