Upgrade: When to use .pup update files or ISO images
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Upgrade: When to use .pup update files or ISO images


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Updates are available periodically to provide support for new security patches or new software releases by other vendors.



Updates to the server can be applied by using the Software Updates card on the server or by updating the server using an ISO image and then restoring your data from a backup. When applying an update using the Software Updates card, the file format for PGP Universal Server updates is .pup.


  • A PUP update to the server can be applied if you are not performing a major version upgrade to the server.
  • Using an ISO image to upgrade your server is only necessary for major software version upgrade to the server.


Note: A major version upgrade would include upgrading the following versions of PGP Universal Server:

  • 2.0.x to 2.5
  • 2.5.x or 2.6.x to 2.7 and above.


PUP File Update

You do not need to backup and restore your data to perform an update when upgrading using a PUP file. However, it is always a good idea to have a current backup when performing maintenance tasks on PGP Universal Server.

Updates to the PGP Universal Server software are not propagated among cluster members; all PGP Universal Servers in a cluster must update their own software.

Software update settings are configured on the System card Updates tab of the PGP Universal Server administrative interface.

The Software Updates card lets you control how and when updates to PGP Universal Servers and PGP Universal Satellite are handled. Updates can be downloaded and applied automatically or manually. After an Update Package is uploaded to the server, the PUP update file is displayed in Software Updates

The list shows the name of the update, the version, the size, the date of the last action for that update, and the Install icon.


Note: When installing multiple PUP updates, download and install them one at a time. If you download multiple PUP updates before you begin installing them, only the first installation succeeds.


Establishing Software Update Settings


  1. Access the PGP Universal Server administrative interface.

  2. Click Software Update Settings. The Software Update Settings dialog box appears.

  3. To have your PGP Universal Server automatically retrieve updates, select Retrieve updates over the network. If you would like updates installed automatically when downloaded, put a checkmark next to Install Automatically.

  4. To prevent your PGP Universal Server from automatically retrieving software updates, select Do not retrieve updates over the network. You must manually retrieve updates if you choose this option.

  5. If you want to see what beta releases of the PGP Universal Server software are available, check Include beta releases when checking for updates.

  6. Click Save.


Using an ISO Image to Update

An ISO image is used to upgrade your server when upgrading to a major software version of the server or if you need to re-install the server on new hardware.

The upgrade process deletes all data on the system. If you want to preserve your existing user data and configuration settings, you will need to create a backup to an external location before upgrading, and then restore the backup to the new installation after upgrade. You will need both the backed up data file and the Organization Key used to encrypt and decrypt the backup file.