Backup PGP Whole Disk Encrypted Systems
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Backup PGP Whole Disk Encrypted Systems


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This article includes some tips when backing up a PGP Whole Disk Encrypted computer.


Performing backups on PGP Whole Disk Encrypted Systems

While most modern backup programs have no problem backing up the data on a PGP WDE-encrypted disk, some backup programs may have problems when performing backups.
Some issues can occur when the backup software encounters the file PGPWDE01, a file used by PGP WDE and thereby cause the backup to fail.

The solution is to have the backup software exclude the PGPWDE01 file from the backup job (most backup programs let you exclude individual files).

Using Automatic Backup Software on a PGP WDE-Encrypted Disk

You can automatically back up the disk or partition once protected with PGP WDE. Be sure to back up your system first before you encrypt it with PGP WDE.

It is important to note that any files the software backs up are decrypted before being backed up. To back up encrypted data, use a PGP Virtual Disk or PGP NetShare protected folders.