PGP Tray Icon - Features
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PGP Tray Icon - Features


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The PGP Tray Icon allows you to access many PGP Desktop Features.



This article details the features available from the PGP Tray Icon. You can access the features available by right or left-clicking on the PGP Tray icon.


  • Exit PGP Services. Stops PGP Desktop services on this computer. Be very careful with this command; it will stop automatic encryption and decryption of email and instant messaging sessions.

    Note: If you stop the PGP Services, you can start them again by restarting your computer or by selecting PGP Desktop from the Start menu (Start > Programs > PGP > PGP Desktop).

  • About PGP Desktop. Displays information about the version of PGP Desktop you are using, including licensing information.

  • Check for Updates. Contacts the PGP Corporation update server to see if a newer version of PGP Desktop is available for download.

  • Help. Opens PGP Desktops integrated online help.

  • Options. Opens the PGP Desktop Options dialog.

  • View Notifier. Displays the last incoming and outgoing message notifiers.

  • View PGP Log. Displays the PGP Desktop Log. Use the PGP Desktop Log to see what actions PGP Desktop is taking to secure your data.

  • Open PGP Desktop. Opens the PGP Desktop main screen. You can also open PGP Desktop by double-clicking the PGP Desktop Tray icon.

  • Clear Caches. Clears from memory any cached information, such as passphrases and cached public keys.

    Note: A cached passphrase is not cleared if you used a smart card or token to access a PGP NetShare protected folder, and removed the smart card or token. To clear a cached passphrase, create a hot key. For more information, see Advanced Options.

  • Unmount PGP Virtual Disks. Unmounts all mounted PGP Virtual Disk volumes.

  • Current Window. Lets you use PGP Desktop functionality (Decrypt & Verify, Encrypt & Sign, Sign, Encrypt) on the contents of the current window.

  • Clipboard. Lets you use PGP Desktop functionality (Decrypt & Verify, Encrypt & Sign, Sign, Encrypt) on the contents of the Clipboard. Also lets you clear or edit the contents of the Clipboard.