Oracle Internet Directory connections for CA Identity Manager possible for databases?


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Oracle Internet Directory is used to store username and passwords. Is it possible to connect to either MS SQL or Oracle database using Oracle Internet Directory on CA Identity Manager platform? This would prevent users from having access to the database and connect to Oracle Internet Directory instead.


Release: CAIDMB99000-12.6.7-Identity Manager-B to B


No, this wouldn't be possible to connect using Out of the Box features in CA Identity Manager. Currently, there is no supported configuration using Oracle Internet Directory connections to the database. A connection would need to be made directly using the required credentials onto the database.

The required user rights would be:

  • Create/alter/drop tables
  • Create/alter/drop view
  • Create/alter/drop INDEX
  • Create/replace/drop stored procedures
  • Create/replace/drop functions
  • Create/drop sequence
  • Create/replace/drop triggers
  • Create/replace/drop types
  • Insert/select/delete┬árecords
  • CREATE SESSION / connect to database
  • Give DBA rights to the user