Error processing SMTP message - PGP Universal Server
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Error processing SMTP message - PGP Universal Server


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When processing inbound or outbound mail on a PGP Universal Server, the pgpproxy reports the following errors: "Error processing SMTP message, awaiting next client comment. (-10950)." and "error handling SMTP DATA event: Operations error"

When receiving these errors, the PGP Universal Server is unable to send mail or debug the source of the misconfiguration. These errors occur when a PGP Universal Server in a gateway configuration has been set up with incomplete LDAP Directory Server information.


This article details how to rectify any incomplete LDAP information for Directory Synchronization after the initial setup of PGP Universal Server.

During setup of the PGP Universal Server, if the name of the LDAP Directory Server is entered for the Directory Server, certain additional information is also required. Directory Synchronization options are configured on the Policy>Internal User Policy tab.

To add the essential information for the Directory Server LDAP configuration.

  1. Open the PGP Universal Server administrative interface.
  2. Click the Policy tab and select Internal User Policy. The Internal User Policy dialog displays.
  3. Click on the Directory Synchronization button. The options for Directory Synchronization displays.

  4. Type the Base DN for Directory Synchronization for the LDAP Directory Server.

    Example: cn=users,dc=example,dc=com

  5. Type the Bind DN and the passphrase for Directory Synchronization with the LDAP Directory Server.

    Example: cn=user1,cn=users,dc=example,dc=com Passphrase: password

  6. Click Save.