std_out/err_file path on Autosys DB
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std_out/err_file path on Autosys DB


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Need absolute path of std_out/err_file path on Autosys DB without variable in jil of job.

For example #

 insert_job: XYZ  
 job_type: CMD
 command: ls
 owner: [email protected]
 std_out_file: "$OUTLOG"
 std_err_file: "$ERRLOG"


Rather than just "$OUTLOG" in table need complete path on DB.


Which tables stops the information of std_out/err_file in Autosys DB?


All 11.3+ WAAE versions


The tables which stores the information about std_out/err_file are ujo_job_run, ujo_jobst and ujo_command_job which hold the exact path along with variables in jil of job(for parameter std_out/err_file).

In case if you need complete path(resolved variable), you may have to use below query.


Select run_info from ujo_extended_jobrun_info where joid=(select joid form ujo_job where job_name='job_name’ and is_active=1) ;

Note # Replace job_name with the actual job name.


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