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Is it possible to show non-global maintenance windows in the CA Service Desk Manager Change Calendar?


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Is it possible to show the non-global maintenance window in the CA Service Desk Manager Change Calendar? See the steps below:

  1. Administration tab > Service Desk > Change Orders > Change Window
  2. Click "Create New" button.
  3. Set the type attribute to "Maintenance", check the "Global" checkbox, and input values to the other required fields.
  4. Click the Save button.
  5. The "Maintenance" change window created in step 4 appears in the Change Calendar tab.

    <Please see attached file for image>

  6. Go back to the 'Maintenance' window created in step 4 and click Edit.
  7. Remove the check from the "Global" check box and Save.
  8. Go to the Change Calendar tab and the maintenance change window is no longer visible.

    <Please see attached file for image>


Why does only a "Global" change window show on the change calendar?  Is this by design?

Is there the way to display non-Global change windows that are related to a CI on the Change Calendar?


CA Service Desk Manager 12.9, 14.x, 17.x


This is by design. Global change windows and blackout windows will always be shown on the Change Calendar.

It is not possible to show non-Global change windows on the Change Calendar. The change calendar is primarily used to identify change conflicts. Therefore, it makes sense to show blackout windows and global maintenance windows additionally to scheduled change orders.

Individual maintenance windows for a specific CIs will not generally harm other change orders as long as these CIs do not belong to scheduled change orders.


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